• Sanjay Manival Raju

VAE: Caffeine in a Spray Bottle!

It is undoubtedly a fast-paced life and hence demands energy on-the-go. The obvious solution is seemingly an espresso shot or in the mainstream - a good cup of coffee!

Most energy drinks have caffeine as their primary ingredient and intuitively the manner of consumption is through, “drinking”. There are a few products as well that supply the daily dose of caffeine with accompanying nutrition, in the solid form- as in the case of some granola bars. Still, in the interest of convenience and rapidity, why not rely on an energy spray?

VAE is an answer to just that. Created by neuroscientists, this energy spray supplies caffeine equivalent to that of an espresso shot, in just two sprays. Apart from caffeine, VAE consists of neuro-enhancing compounds such as NATL and Rhodiola.

NATL known by its chemical name of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, is an amino acid that boosts memory and alertness. Interestingly, Rhodiola on the other hand, is a plant that was supposedly used by Russian astronauts to handle stress and anxiety in space travel.

The ingredients are indicative of VAE essentially being a dedicated formula for energy boost with physiological benefits. A competitive landscape presented by VAE themselves, positions the product well ahead of all the traditional sources. Each bottle packs 30 espresso shots worth of caffeine. With two sprays daily, the unit can last for roughly 2-3 weeks.

VAE is an eccentric solution tailored for convenience and seems to have a personality that can be passed on to its early adopters. Although, not widely adopted, VAE can have a profound impact in the routines of an athlete or a fitness enthusiast.

Besides, this could potentially offset the effects of coffee on the digestive track and resonant with calorie consciousness. Isolating the energy boosting elements and supplying it over a spray is key to this product’s viability.

Call it innovation or craziness, I think its disruptive, and the trend around caffeine is coming.

Nevertheless, if you were to argue about your loyalty to a tall cup of coffee, I would say, keep this by the side for times you do not have a Starbucks around.

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