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The Defender Razor and the notorious Razor Blade Business Model

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Razor blade business models have had a profound role to play in increasing value for the businesses and the consumers. Gillete, the subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble has been a juggernaut through the years and was a majority stake holder of this segment, until the subscription models, that was first introduced by Dollar Shave Club.

It was undisputed that Gillete razors gave a closer and perfect shave, however, the cartridges proved to be expensive and DSC picked this point to build the subscription model that disrupted the entire segment.

DSC is the preferred choice for most, as they introduced more than just a razor- a brand, trendy enough to draw your attention and the exclusive community/club offering personal care products.

It wasn’t long after that, when Gillete introduced their subscription service and I settled on the Mach 3.

During this time, I came across a brand that promoted their razor not based on the price, but primarily on its design that would deliver a perfect and comfortable shave- The Defender.

From the initial look at the razors design, I believe the design primarily entails the intent to make shaving comfortable. The razors ergonomic fit, reminds us that a comfortable shave is not just the work of a cream, gel or foam but it is of the razor as well. The razor comprises of a rubbery handle and blade with highly detailed inclusions to tackle every shaving challenge.

Watch the video below or click here to visit their home page, which leads you straight to an interactive video that describes what makes this razor so exclusive.

Among its product line is a “styling blade”, a single blade cartridge that can be used to shape beards and refine contours. The online store also includes a modest Shave Cream and Pre-Shave Oil. I stumbled upon many razors that either didn’t give a close shave, experienced pulling and tugging or left a burn on my skin- but the use of Defender razor negated all that.

Defender is a no-frills zone. I often feel that this maybe creating a set-back for them as most users can be drawn by the fascination for the brand and gimmicks used to present it. It certainly could be difficult to enter the area that has been cordoned off by giants who have already validated this model and established a brand with a large user base.

However, in my opinion Defender offers value for a razor in the purest form and it is their design that assists them in both striking the competition and defending from it.

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