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Supplying a sophisticated razor

In my previous post, I stated the notoriety of the Razor Blade business model, along with an overview of the very thoughtful razor- the Defender. Click the link to be re-directed to this post. Even though this segment is saturated with several players, I just think there is still some space to tap into. Shaving is a necessity and every user is exploring options for the best razor that also packs in some “good looks”. Cartridge razors, disposable razors, safety razors and straight razors are among the types of razors in the market. What we will see today, is kind of a sophisticated blend between the Safety and the Straight Razor. Developed by a husband and wife led team—Patrick and Jennifer bring to us The Single Edge Razor 2.0. Their brand supplies premium quality grooming and personal care products with of course, the Single Edge Razor being the face of their proposition. A quick scan of the website suggests offering a classy grooming range.

The Single Edge Razor 2.0

Its sleek, elegant and durable. The all metal razor is available in alloy or

stainless steel, with a unique feature to choose the closeness of shave. The alloy razor comes with 4 different color options for you to choose the statement you want to make. Scroll down to watch Patrick give us a demo on the working and usage of this razor.

After this overview, one question pops- are users highly conscious about the razors they use? In my opinion, shaving or grooming in the modern day is a little beyond taking care of your skin and appearing presentable. It has become a lifestyle. It is for this reason, many companies exclusively offer bath and grooming products under one brand. Users feel elated to be a part of such a club space. There are some that closely follow “steps” from the point of prepping up the face with the use of hot water, to finishing up with an “after-shave”.  While there are other who leave the shave to just their respective razors. The Single Edge Razor 2.0 from Supply will perhaps draw attention from the former. Besides, shaving with a single blade is a classic way to shave. Cartridge razors have multiple blade that are prone to add excessive stress on the surface of the skin.

The Supply razor not just eliminates this, but its adoption would add a class to this practice and turn your routine to a statement in the mirror.

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