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LARQ: “Technology” in a water bottle

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Let’s start with this question- Does the quality of water ever deteriorate?

Answer: Yes, in some cases: stored water when kept open, can act as a substrate for the accumulation of contaminants, thereby spoiling the quality of water and rendering it non-potable. Water stored in closed containers hardly go stale which is why we have packaged drinking water whose shelf life is high. Irrespective of the properties of water, it is imperative to consume clean and pure drinking water by storing it in one such medium as well.

LARQ has an “innovative” answer for us with its Self-Cleaning….. never mind, “Smart” Water bottle. LARQ uses UV technology, housed in the bottle’s cap to purify the water on the go. The purifying unit functions in two modes and is known to keep both, the water and the bottle clean. This means you neither must worry about procuring clean water nor stumble upon having to regularly clean your water bottle.

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In the modern day, we have started to notice how companies are investing in making innovative version of commonly used consumer goods, by integrating technology and consequently solving a “problem”. And these products are often associated with the word “Smart”.

LARQ, the smart yet self-cleaning water bottle is a result of one such disruptive thinking and a good thought put into making a water bottle highly resourceful.

Additionally, I would want to see LARQ, little beyond its conceptualization: i.e., sustainability. The possession of bottles like LARQ discourages the use of packaged drinking water that generate waste and are non-biodegradable.

However, we could argue about its usage in the real-world scenario.

What will be this product’s stance in the current market?

LARQ targets a large consumer base (those who can afford this product) that have quick access to clean drinking water.

In several households, water purification units simply, are more efficient in purifying large quantity of water at a given time.

It must be noted that LARQ bottles are “really really good looking” (as the website claims). The design of the bottle and availability in contrasting colors make it look striking. I and many others would want to buy this bottle for its design, yet skeptical about spending a few extra dollars for the accompanying technology, that may not be used often. 

On that note, I think LARQ must introduce the option of  getting a matching "regular cap" for the bottle with every purchase, for those who may not prefer to "carry the technology" at all times.  

I do think that LARQ has the potential to become very popular in markets where water is either scarce or quality of water from available sources is questionable. Besides, it can even serve a section of consumers, who find themselves in remote locations for days without access to clean drinking water.

End users can also be the ones actively engaged in adventure sports- seems like LARQ thoughtfully added the “Adventure Mode” feature, keeping this in mind.

Water is very crucial for our existence, and what’s even more crucial is to consume clean drinking water. LARQ is a promising product and has the potential to make a difference to the people and the planet if marketed the right way.

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