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A smartphone from Colombia!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

After the influx of foldable phones in the market, it is quite well established that smartphones and their respective designs will start a revolution. Manufactures and well-known tech companies have changed their priorities and shown a steady transition to producing phones that are capable of much more. Amidst this current climate, the incomprehensible revolution is the Escobar Inc introducing “its” foldable phone to the tech community. It goes by, the Fold 2. As bizarre as it is, this brand holds the legacy of the deceased drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

Initially a holding company managing Escobar’s assets, it now functions to get a market share in the smartphone segment. Led by Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto Escobar, the company sells its Fold 2 at $399. Now, hold your enthusiasm at bay and keep those questions for we will make some striking revelations here.

I myself haven’t got my hands on it, only skepticism so far. However, top reviewers (MKBHD, Mrwhosetheboss , Unbox Therapy) were able to access it. To their credit- we now can get a better understanding of were this phone get its roots from.

This phone, as seen from the image isn’t just like the Galaxy Fold but it is one. It simply is re-branded with a gold skin bearing an impressive logo and a default wallpaper of the infamous Pablo Escobar.

Now I know most would question the rationale and the purpose of its existence. Apparently, Escobar Inc admits selling re-branded Galaxy Folds and claims to achieve this price tag as they purchase overstock or rejected items from parties that want to eliminate inventory. Youtubers, Mkbhd and Mrwhosetheboss have a story to tell in terms of their experience purchasing this product. Their experience suggests that one cannot rely on this to be delivered unless they are a known personality/influencer who can help market the product.

Even if this company did deliver the product, I wonder what their consumer base would comprise of. Perhaps the ones that find this “cool” or the ones that would rip the skin and use it as a regular Galaxy fold. The usage however can have some apprehensions.

Though this person was infamous, he made history. I can just say that this is about perception on what can be socially attractive.

This move from Escobar Inc is also a marketing template and proves to show that a "prominent" personality can have an impact in branding. The gimmick serves as a marketing element to put the Escobar name into the general population through this meaningful product. This can also be supported by the fact that a common user may not be able to access it unless the person is an influencer who can spread the word.

If you have $399 dollars that you are prepared to lose: instead of investing in Bitcoin, take an additional risk in ordering this phone and await its delivery.

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